Diexel, Creative… Mind.

Diego Lombardi

Diego is the Founder and Head of Diexel Agency.
For over 15 years, he has worked both in Italy and the UK leading processes and teams.
From 2008, he gained international experience in his activities for Epson, as the main European responsible of the digital design, leading the design activities of the web transformation process across UK, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal.
Diego is an expert in strategic visual communication, and built a strong portfolio in development and enhancement of corporate images via web services, campaign, strategic communication, both for small companies and large corporations.
Each project benefits from his creativity and expertise, and his focus is the delivery of high-quality concepts, designs and visual arts. In addition to being at the head of Diexel, Diego Lombardi manages a team of skilled freelancers, carefully selected to meet the needs of each project and client.
Main designer of the Agency, he supervises and participates in each phase of the creative process, from concept to realization, infusing them with innovative and forward-thinking ideas.
Within Diexel, Diego’s knowledge and competencies combine design talent and deep understanding of branding and marketing tools, in order to provide the latest visual materials to define and refine my clients’ marketing communication.

Diexel, Creative… mind.

When you love what you do and do what you love, you are fortunate!
Diexel is an agency passionate about its business and this comes to light in all its creations.
For each of them, Diexel aims to infuse a little bit of magic, of passion, which adds a unique value to its works and clients. Whatever hard work it takes to achieve the best results is Diexel’s commitment, for the result is also the prize!
Diexel provides a variety of services, from simple design of a website or complex corporate identity branding, to a full partnership for the like of social network marketing for companies or else the full management of a eCommerce website.

Specifics of our services include:
– Creative direction
– Branding and corporate identity
– SEO (search engines optimization)
– Web design / full websites management, eCommerce platforms
– Social networks management
– eCommerce and products photography.

Our team’s experience encompass work with clients such as HSBC, Epson, Man Utd, Magnum (ice cream), Natural History Museum of London, National Express, QVC Television, Nissan, Laura Biagiotti, Alessandro Dell’Acqua, Playboy Beachwear and Gai Mattiolo.